27 January 2011

The Week in Blessings: Thursday~Thrift Scores

Thursday became errand day this week,
and after dropping off my collection of boxes at the donation stop
I ran into a thrift shop close by...
fortunately for me it was
"buy a bag for $1 and take home everything you can possibly stuff into it--
or pile on top!"
(said with a smile by a sweet nun)

There are two skirts
(navy +  khaki)
and 4 tops
(brown, red, green + gray)
all of which are replacing the wardrobe
that is lost in the move somewhere in another state.

The two sweaters will be repurposed,
the brownish-grayish one is being frogged
(more on that later)
and the baby blue cashmere will be felted.

I am blessed indeed.

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