18 September 2011

Introducing The Montana Family


(Please note--if you are listening to this over the internet, please scroll down the blog page to the playlist on the left and turn it off, otherwise you will hear both the video and the playlist at the same time!)

We have now had a couple of opportunities to hear this amazing family quartet of children as they share their love of God and music at various events, and I wanted to introduce you to them.

From their website (TheMontanas.org):

We are a family band, playing Christian music ranging in style from bluegrass to Celtic. Our mission is to glorify our Creator and praise Him for everything He has done for us.

Hope, age 20, plays the guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals as well as solos. Blake, age 17, plays the mandolin and sings bass. Faith, age 13, is our fiddler and sings lead and alto vocals. Eddie, age 10, is our bass player and sings lead.

Hope, Faith, and Eddie started singing together three years ago with only a guitar. Blake seemed to have no musical ability whatsoever at the time, but after one voice lesson and Mom's prayers and encouragement, Blake started carrying a tune! He has since developed a rich baritone voice that we couldn't do without. He joined the band and began teaching himself to play the mandolin a couple of months later. At the same time, Faith was teaching herself the violin. Now, two and a half years later, Eddie is playing the bass.

We do concerts and church programs, and sing at various events. We love to travel and share God's love through this self-supporting ministry. For booking, see our "contact us" section. Please check out our link. We look forward to seeing you soon!

These kids are talented!!! I hope you will take time to listen to their YouTube montage, and keep in mind that they sound even better in person. Eddie, the "little guy," is playing the base now as well! :D 

12 September 2011

Happy September!!!

It has been a HOT and HUMID in 
our neck of the woods this past summer...
we are grateful for the break in temperatures that we had last week.

We have had several months of challenge 
as we downsize our lives and possessions
from packrats to minimalists...
it is ever an ongoing process!

I hope to put a post up as life allows, now and then,
as we wrap up our transition.

Our home will have a realtor's sign 
posted in the yard in the next 2-3 weeks.....
your prayers for a speedy and fair sale are coveted!

Enjoy Awetumn!!!