28 January 2011

The Week in Blessings: Friday~Wood & Wire

After several weeks of typical winter gray-blah,
we awoke to clear sunny skies
and temps that soared to the upper 50's by afternoon.
Perfect for another day in the woods--cutting wood.

Photos courtesy of the Treasure.

I knew she had found a creek to play in
but had I known my camera ever got this close to it
her photography career would have been cut very short.

Dog courtesy of the friend who so kindly let us cut wood on his property.

Poor fella,
he was called "Princess" in the most endearing of tones--
all day long--until the Treasure discovered he had boy parts.
Then he became "Mr. Princess."

The Man threw in some discarded wire
so we could build a fire and burn the outer coating off
in order to recycle it.

Made the day seem like we were camping.

My Man cuts the wood, and then he splits it too!
(I just pick it up and load it onto the truck.)

We were blessed with so much this day:
 fresh air & sunshine, hope for spring's coming,
wood to warm us twice, fire for fun and warmth,
a happy girl puttering about in the woods,
wire to recycle for income,
and lots of exercise.

Blessings indeed.

(And did I mention the blessings if Ibuprofen?
Makes it possible for two middle-aging and
far-too-often-sedentary big kids
to get out of bed the next morning
after being blessed with such an active day!)

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