27 January 2011

~~Thankful Thursday~~Jan 27

Truly, I am thankful for these two amazing and wonderful
people that God has given me for a nuclear family.
I love being part of a family.

They love me unconditionally, warts and all;
they challenge me continually to grow;
they encourage me and help me.

I am blessed among women!

Extra special blessings this week.....

We are grateful for the generosity of a friend
who allowed us to clean up some downed wood on his property. 

We cut, loaded and hauled about half a cord.
What a blessing to be able to heat our home with our own labor!
Not to mention the exercise in the fresh air,
and the family time working together.
Blessings indeed!

And this tool is an incredible blessing.
Cuts those limbs like they were nothin' but butter!

Now, this may look like a box of junk to you...
but for us, it means work which means $$$!
These are pump parts which the Man's former place of employment
called and said he could have free for the taking.

They are being broken down and cleaned up
to be taken to the recycling place
to trade in for cash.

God is good!!!

What are your blessings today?


  1. Boy, that truckload of wood is a beautiful thing! ;-}

  2. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...I'm thinkin'you an' me see things eye to eye! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings~~

  3. Good for you. Nice exercise.