03 January 2011

A New Year

Aftermath of an ice storm in January 2007.
We are so blessed to share our lives with this happy (& ornery!) little soul!

The end of 2010 was a bit challenging for our little family
as we all were hit with at least three different infections--
all within three weeks.
Although we all still are sniffling and coughing
we think we are finally on the mend--
and we are grateful!!

We hope all of you had very enjoyable holidays,
however you chose to celebrate,
and are well and in good health going into this New Year.

I always enjoy the last week of December and the first part of January--
as I do get that urge to de-clutter and organize.
Recently I've been cleaning out papers and such
and getting ready for tax season ahead,
as well as finishing our packing to move.

As the weather (and our health) allows,
we will again be traveling and finishing our move.
We have one trip left before we put our home on the market,
so your prayers for our safety as we travel
and for the sale of our home
would be greatly appreciated!

Here on the blog I have a couple of new projects planned:

~Stretchy Bean Meals~
Sharing our favorite frugal vegan main dishes

~Emma's Diary~
Sharing my great-grandmother's 1937 journal as a single mother
as she struggles to make and keep a home for herself

~Thankful Thursdays & The Brown Book Stories ~
will continue as before

.....and a smattering of other postings whenever the fancy strikes me
and as time allows.

Here's wishing each of you
All the Best


The-Man-of-the-Place, Missuz C & the Treasure

1 comment:

  1. The ice looks beautiful! I don't like dealing with it in real life but seeing pictures of it on blogs makes me appreciate it a little more :)

    The picture of your daughter peeping through those icy branches is too cute!