06 January 2011

~~Thankful Thursdays~~Jan 6

Another Thursday to be Thankful for,
the first Thursday of a New Year.

And today I am grateful for...


Yes, space.
Empty space.

White space on our Family Calendar.

Empty space in our basement.
(A few months ago there was only a path through here...)

Empty space on the basement shelves.

Now, this may look like just another pile of clutter to you--
but to me, it is more empty space.
Every one of those containers is empty.
Even the black trash bag?
It is full of empty shopping bags,
to be soon used for either trash, donations or packing material.
But it's all empty space.

I'm glad empty space was God's idea first.
When I look out in the sky,
I see lots and lots of empty space.

It gives me room to stretch,
and move,
and breathe.

Yeah, there are a few things out there.
All in perfect order,
all sustained in that order by His hand.
But plenty of space for all.

Even the trees drop their old leaves,
pause, rest, and make room for the new to come into their lives.

The more I live with space, the more I like it.
I'm getting rid of the old that weighs me down
and making room for the present and the future.
It feels really good.

Thank you, God, for space.

1 comment:

  1. Wanna come declutter my garage? Love your empty shelves.