23 December 2010

~~Thankful Thursdays~~Dec. 23

This week I'm thankful for.....dormancy.

Webster on 'dormant':
a) asleep, inactive
b) having the faculties suspended: sluggish
c) having biological activity suspended as in not actively growing
but protected (as by bud scales) from the environment (referring to plant parts)

Odd thing to be thankful for?

Winter's redeeming value, in my opinion,
is the opportunity to slow down,
sleep a little longer as darkness descends earlier;
spend more time indoors around the fire enjoying family activities;
catch up on activities one is too busy for during
spring planting, summer tending & harvesting,
and autumns harvesting and preserving.
Time to think, plan, and prepare for the new year ahead.

May you, too, enjoy the blessings of rest this week,
in preparation for the bud and blossom of the coming spring.

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  1. That is such a pretty picture. You are a good photographer.