07 November 2011

We're Back

These cottonwood trees at my poppa's place have been my friends since childhood.
I was so blessed by their autumn beauty the past few days.....
so I wanted to share it with you.

A BIG thank-you to all of you who have been 
praying with and for us the past few days!!!
We can tell.....it is an amazing thing
to be covered by prayer.
A peace that surpasses understanding.....

We were able to load the big yellow truck and drive to our new location
on schedule, with only a couple of minor difficulties that were soon remedied.

A friend at our destination called the day we left and offered to help us unload...
we would never have made our next deadline without his help,
so a big thank-you goes our to Mr. Y!!!

We were able to get the big yellow truck back to its required destination on time,
although we got lost in a not-so-great part of a very big city.....
we finally found the right spot, and were very happy to park it there.

After a day of rest, we loaded up and headed back to the Little Rock House.
We had sore muscles, but no major injuries.

For some reason, Blogger decided to load this photo upside-down...
but even unusual perspectives can be beautiful!

Our return trip was a good one, 
with the exception of four deer who decided to cross the road 
just after dark.....just in front of us.....and stopped to stare at our headlights.
There were no shoulders to the back-road we were on, 
and a bridge loomed just beyond the deer.....
the man was considering taking to the ditch
(we were pulling an empty trailer)
but stomped the brakes and squealed the tires.....
fortunately the noise 
(or was it an angel?!)
spooked the deer enough 
that they took off running again
and we were able to pass on by without harm.
How grateful we are.

we THANK YOU for your prayers!

May your day be blessed!


(P. S. It has occurred to me that my ramblings
 may not be all that clear to some of you.....
so let me try to explain:

We are selling our Little Rock House where we have lived for 22 years,
in order to move to another state where my parents live.....
my momma in a nursing home and my poppa alone on his farm.....
they need a lot of support at this time of their lives.....
we are going to live  camp in a 5th wheel on my poppa's property 
until we figure out what to do next...
it is a big leap of faith.....
 but we know it is what we are supposed to be doing
and the way will open and be made clear
one step at a time.....
it is a journey.....and an adventure!

We just took the "mother-load" of our belongings 
to our final destination,
but we drove back to the Little Rock House 
in order to finish cleaning up in preparation for 
closing day...
which is scheduled for Nov. 14....
so we won't be completely moved to our new location
for a couple more weeks.

Whew. Hope that made sense!)

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