08 November 2011

Of the Big P and Me

Now, I am NOT a feminist,
nor do I feel a need to prove my "masculinity".....
but from the moment I climbed up the running board and looked inside
the big yellow truck whilst it was sitting in the lot before we rented it....
the scent of brand-new interior wafted my way...
(the truck only had 17,000+ miles on it) 
then I sniffed the fragrance of diesel exhaust.....
(yes, I think diesel exhaust is fragrant!)

.....I WANTED to drive that truck!!!

The Man only rolled his eyeballs at me 
when I ventured to mention my desire.

I finally got my chance.
Here I am, all dirty, tired and very un-photogenic...
but I had to document the moment for all posterity.
(I gave the Treasure the camera and let her fire away.)
The Man let me drive it on the country back roads, 
and when he finally determined that, indeed,
I COULD drive it without mishap,
he turned the keys over to me for the hour-long trip
 back to the big city when it was time to return it.

What he didn't factor in was that we would get lost
in that big city trying to find the return place.....
but I am happy to report that I did ok.
Didn't run over anyone or bump into anything.

And I had a BLAST!!!
Nothin' causes rubber-neckin' quite like a little old woman in a skirt
drivin' a big old diesel 5-speed-automatic...
(though I'd have loved it more if it had been 5 on the floor!)

View from the Treasure's seat.
She loved it too!

Never underestimate the ability of an old farm-girl
who grew up driving battered four-on-the-floor's
long before she was of age to have a learner's permit.....
I like to think of it as celebrating the richness of fully-embraced

Thanks, Honey. 
I owe ya one.

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