26 October 2011

Organizing Knittin' Sticks

I've wanted and needed make a knitting needle organizer
for years, and this is the year!
I was totally inspired by this post from Deb at Homespun Living---
and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one for me!
(Thank You Deb!)

Above you will see the one we created for the Treasure,
and below is mine.

I made a few changes to the online directions for making this that I found HERE.

1) I decided to make mine wider, it measures 36" wide by 10" long, 
as I use some larger needles.

To do so, I purchased a yard of 60" wide canvas.
(Hancock Fabrics, $9.99/yd)
I cut it in half so I had two pieces, each 30" x 36"
and followed the pocket instructions at the link above.

From L to R, here are the pocket sizes I chose to make:
(1) 2" pocket for scissors 
(1) 1-1/2" pocket for crochet hook 
(6) 1-1/2" pockets for sizes 1-6 
(2) 1-3/4" pockets for sizes 7 and 8
(3) 2" pockets for sizes 9 and 10 and 10-1/2
(4) 2-1/2" pockets for sizes 11-14
(1) 3" pocket for size 15

2) I didn't care for the raw edges on the ends of the original, so chose to finish mine with seam binding.

3) I wasn't able to find 1" wide twill tape, so used 1" cotton seam binding instead.

4) I used a doubled tie on the end instead of single--makes it easier to tie.
(see photo directly below)

I also made a couple of mistakes.
Live and learn.

I got distracted and forgot to mark one pocket for my 10-1/2" needles,
and ended up with a '16' pocket. 
(I don't own size 16 needles.)
Eventually, I will find some iron-on tape, cover these numbers with it,
and reprint them.
And when I do, I will NOT use pigmented scrapbooking ink--
I noticed it rubs off on the back when rolled up.

One more thing--
when you go to print the numbers on,
make sure you clean the ink off that gets on the stamp around the numbers,
otherwise you'll end up with the "look" above.

Thankfully, the Treasure isn't a perfectionist 
and so she doesn't really mind.

Imperfect though it is.....the price was right
(about $6 each)
and this little organizer makes my heart sing!

With that task accomplished, 
my sticks are now hot---working on projects!!!

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