25 October 2011

Apparently, A Problem Exists

A couple of you sweet readers have notified me recently
that there is a major problem with the "comment" section 
on this blog.....it is not cooperating and won't let most folks 
leave their thoughts and ideas.

I've checked the settings on my end, 
and everything seems to be in order.....
so I apologize, I am at a complete loss.

Are any of you out there smarter and more technologically savvy than I?
Do you have any experience with similar problems...any suggestions?
I am all ears!!!

Meanwhile, at someone's request,
I have added two options to the sidebar on the right, 
providing the options to follow by email or subscribe.

Until I can figure out what the problem is
and and take measures to correct it,
I hope the extra options will soothe frustration.
Yours, that is---but probably not mine!

Blessings, and 
Thanks for stopping by!
Missuz C

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