28 October 2011

How to Make a Simple Knitting Journal

Another organizing project I've been wanting to accomplish 
for far too long is a knitting journal.....a book to keep/record:

*skein labels & garment care instructions
*pattern notes and changes
*yarn swatches
*needle sizes used
*photos of completed projects
*stitch directions
*lists of projects I have stash in hand for

I know you can purchase pre-made knitting journals,
but I'm a free spirit and wanted to make my own and 
not be limited by someone else's pre-printed parameters...

Neither did I want to spend much.....
nor wait long.....

Fortunately, I ran across a post at 
Homespun Living by Deb, and one of her photos
(fourth photo down on this post)
made my creative juices flow.....
(Thanks, Deb!)

And here is my result: quick, simple, inexpensive
free knitting journal instructions.

Take a 94 cent composition book, in your favorite color,
 from your favorite discount store, 
and while you're there, pick up some cardstock to match your book.

Do a Google Search for graphics of your choice...
I think I typed in "free sheep clip art."
(Or just go here to find the graphic I used.)

Grab you favorite image and copy and paste it into a document,
play with the size, add a font you like,
then print it out onto cardstock.

Cut and trim to your heart's content,
(I layered mine because I liked the look)
then glue it on the cover.

I considered decopauge-ing the cover, 
but went with clear contact plastic instead.
(Applied after I took these photos...)

And there you have it.....
200 or so pages to doodle away in till the ewe's come home.....
all for a couple of bucks.

No pun intended.

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