30 October 2011

A Dome Home

Street-side view of the Dome home.

We enjoy perusing unusual housing alternatives and
recently had opportunity to attend an open-house featuring 
a monolithic dome home.

The cost of this type housing is about the same as traditional stick & frame,
but because the insulation is on the interior of the home, 
it boasts a higher energy-efficiency.

(Edit!!!---the man informs me that I was too busy ooohing and ahhh-ing
at the decor and taking photos to pay close enough attention
to the construction details..... ;D.....
So here is the corrected version: 
The interior of the dome is concrete,
and the high-R-rating rigid insulation covers the outside.
This enables the concrete mass of the home 
to collect heat and maintain it so that even if power goes out,
interior heat is lost very very gradually.
This also results in very low utility bills.)

The shape of the home is reported to be exceptionally stable
in turbulence such as hurricanes or tornadoes as well,
which makes it an attractive option for some folks.

Enjoy the photo tour...

Entrance door to dome house, with carport on right.
I like how the carport does double duty as a patio
for outdoor hospitality.

Living and Kitchen half of the home.
The entry door and  Dining area is to the left, just out of camera-shot.

Dining Area


Another Kitchen shot

From Kitchen end, looking into Living area.
Entry door is on right, dining area is even further right,
once again out of camera-view.

Bedroom side.
There is a large walk-in closet out of view to the right.

Bedroom side looking into the bathroom.
Note the white frame above the doorway:
access to attic storage space.

Looking into bathroom: unseen on R is toilet and laundry stack;
on L is shower/tub unit.
The yellow wall shelf is removable to expose the hot water heater.

Shower side of the bathroom.
There is an extra sink in the bedroom area.

Toilet and washer/dryer stack in bathroom.

For more images and information on Monolithic Dome homes,
check out the link HERE.

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