19 January 2011

Free Time Art

I would love to have a formal time to "do art" with the Treasure,
but at present that just is not a reality.
Never mind, she doesn't let my lack of time stop her creativity.

While I'm occupied packing boxes...

...she's got her eye on those big rolls of paper ends
that we obtained for free from a local publishing house...

...and she knows how to put them to good use!

She drew this princess and then cut it out and then painted it...

...likewise with the Prince.
(The poor boy must have gotten a mud-pie in his face!)

And the large, colorful works of art?

I think I may end up with enough gift wrap to last a year.
Suits me.

She's busy...I'm happy...life is good.

Hope your day is as colorful as mine is sure to be!


  1. Missuz C,

    Your Treasure is quite the talented artist. I enjoyed viewing all her colorful paintings.

    -Lady Rose

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lady Rose. I will pass your comment on to the Treasure.

  3. Treasure is artistic. Love her colors.