18 January 2011

First Grade Math

Here's what the Treasure does for her mathmatics education
several days a week.
First, I have her practice writing her numbers (from 1-10) correctly.
The reason being, she frequently writes them backwards.
I don't know what's going on in her brain with that, but I figure the best way
to correct incorrect habits, whatever their source,
is to practice correct habits until they are burned more deeply
into the gray matter of her brain and override the incorrect habits.
We are seeing improvement.

Next, she does 2-4 worksheets that I pull out of this consumable
text/workbook that I downloaded over the internet and then placed in a binder.

I love this curriculum, and most days so does the Treasure.

These are her counting beads which we have attached to her clipboard.
I found directions to make them from a teachers group online.

She also uses this very simple abacus
that I picked up for $2 at a thrift store.
We will be upgrading to a more sophisticated abacus
in a few weeks, but this one has been a great help for where she's at now.

When she needs a break from concentrating on her worksheets,
she does one or two of the pictures in these dot-to-dot books.
I picked up a set of four of these at the homeschool conference last spring,
and they make "number recognition," "sequencing" and "eye-hand coordination"
just seem like fun!
(these come in numbers 1-30, 1-50, 1-75 and 1-100)
This is so cool---while searching for an online source link
for these, I discovered that Dot to Dot Count to 30 is available online!
Check out the link!

Part of the Math Mammoth recommended curriculum
is playing number-related games, which we all love.
I use game time as a reward for doing throrough, accurate work,
with a good attitude.
We use the numbered cards above in non-traditional ways.
We use them to add and subtract in different ways and with different rules.
(Sometimes we even make up our own rules!)
The mancala counters are helpful for the Treasure
to make the abstract concepts she is working with more concrete.

The Treasure enjoys using these addition and subtraction flashcards as well.
I picked them up from the local W--mart for about $1.50 each pack.

We just added this book to our routine as well.
and I have photocopied the January calendar page
which she tacked up on the wall in her room
and she is charting the weather each day.
(As well as reviewing the day of the week and the ordinal numbers)

And, once in a while, just for fun,
and especially while we travel,
and ask her the word problems.
She absolutely loves word problems and trivia questions of any kind,
so it is a great little resource.

We are pleased with the Treasure's progress.
And I'm enjoying a review of mathmatics myself!

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  1. I miss first grade math. You have such a fun curriculum.