14 December 2010


The Treasure came to me recently with a bunch of this dried
(click on link to see photo of it in bloom)
which I had collected and hung up to dry about three summers ago...
she wanted me to make a broom for her new

I broke off a generous amount of the brittle old stems
and put them in a bowl of warm water to soak.
Several hours later the material was pliable enough to work with,
and with a few twist ties,
the Treasure is thrilled with  her newest home-keeping miniature.

I was pretty excited, myself, when I saw the golden color left behind
in the bowl I had soaked the broomweed in...
didn't have time to experiment then,
but I have more material and you can be sure
I will be boiling it down and adding some mordants
and some wool to see if this is a good source of natural dye!

I never cease to be amazed and grateful
for the gift of creativity...
and for the abundant riches God provides for His children
in this amazing natural world we inhabit!

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