07 December 2010

Bliss Amidst the Boxes

About a month ago, on a trip to check on my folks,
we stopped at a Goodwill store that was just off our beaten path
because the Man wanted to see if he could find a some jeans and chambray shirts.
He scored well~ 3 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts for less than $20.

While he was shopping I made a sweep around the rest of the store
and saw this most adorable doll house...
I really loved it but didn't think the Man would go for it...
but, when he found it, all on his own, he was intrigued.
And when the Treasure added her very vocal adoration for its charm...
for another $19.95 it went home with us.
Home, in this case, meaning it lives at Poppa J's house.
(We are not going to move it twice!)

It was/is intended to be an early 'holiday' gift,
and the Treasure is delighted!
Turns out to be something she looks forward to on on trips,
and, it has really sparked her creativity as well.

The striped bedding is a thrifted napkin.
The pillows and blanket were designed and hand-sewn by the Treasure.

The doll's name is Anne, (like Anne of Green Gables)
and she belonged to my momma.
The rocker is hand~carved and was thrifted.
The purple and white rug is a piece of finger knitting by the treasure
that she requested I make into a rug...
I coiled it on a piece of paper and zig-zagged it to itself using a sewing machine,
starting in the middle and going around to the end.
(The paper was too stiff, so I soaked it in water
and dissolved as much of it as I could--
it works ok, but next time I'll use lite weight interfacing.)

A picnic supper set out for the dolls...
the dishes are vintage, I played with them when I was her age...
and the bowl of 'food' is just plain interesting...

The rag doll is named 'Charlotte' (like Laura Ingall's doll)
she is the momma...

Another thrifted chair...

...and if you look closely, there are several plain wooden 'babies'
(thrifted, of course!) nestled in-between Charlotte and Anne.

I'm enjoying watching my Treasure
find her own bliss amidst all the packing boxes...


  1. That is so sweet. Please tell the treasure that her sewing is nice.

  2. Missuz C,

    What a lovely dollhouse! I enjoyed viewing all the little details inside the house as well. You are right when you say that bowl of food is sure interesting. It looks like little pieces of bark. LOL! :)

    At any rate, I always wanted a dollhouse when I was a young girl, but I never got one, Sigh! Well, I am sure the Treasure will enjoy her lovely dollhouse. :)


    -Lady Rose

  3. L--the Treasure grinned real big when I passed on your compliment...:D

    Lady Rose--Can you tell, I mean is it really so obvious--that I delight in her creativity? :D
    I feel very blessed indeed to find this dollhouse at such a great price. Would have loved one too, when I was that age...I think that's why I love having a daughter...I get to experience a childhood again! And here's a thought--you're never too old for a doll house!