09 November 2010

Treasure'd Art

The Treasure came to me the other day
with a big "I'm-so-proud-of-myself" grin on her face
and held this up for my inspection.

"Momma, look. I finished my rug!"

Now, what's a momma with perfectionistic tendencies to say
to such a masterpiece as this?

"Great job, baby! I am SOOO proud of you! I just love it!"

The beams radiating from her beautiful brown face lit up the whole room.

I think I'm finally learning.
I've "re-done" too many of her projects to meet my own standards...
sometimes I need to let the standard be
that she is happy with her own work.

This masterpiece is the cumulative work of about two or three years,
first learning to weave on the little loom,
then to bind each weaving off,
lastly to stitch each piece to another.
She's finally able to do all three by herself.

As evidenced by the final row on the left.

This little rug rests proudly at her bedside now,
and it makes me smile each time I see it.

Here's the latest painting that thrills my soul.
A new set of washable acrylic-type kids paints
on white copy paper.

A gift for Nonni next door, she tells me...
but agreed to let me take a photo before she gives it away.

About two weeks ago she came down with strep throat.
Unusual for her.....we haven't met her insurance deductible
for three years. Now that we don't have insurance...
...we have no idea where she was exposed.
Probably the shopping cart at Walmart.

During her initial recovery time I was sore pressed to find things to do
to keep her busy and her mind off her misery.
We found a couple of YouTube videos online
and learned to do two kinds of finger knitting.

The finger-knitted choker above was a gift to mom a few days later,
I was amazed--and thrilled--that she had figured out
how to incorporate the beads into the knitting all by herself!

The other string of beads was the choker's companion...
just because.
Now, I rarely wear jewelery.
My life is simpler without it.
But I saved these precious jewels and put them on today...
just because.

And her smile, when she saw me wearing them,
lit up the room...again.

Treasure'd Art.

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  1. I love the rug. To me, it is perfect. Nice paintings and jewelry. There is nothing better in the interior decorating department than decorations made by one's own children. All the famous art pieces in the world will NEVER match up to pieces made by our own kids.