11 November 2010

~~Thankful Thursdays~~Nov 11

When I started "Thankful Thursdays" last week,
I thought I was doing my own thing.
Turns out I'm not so original!
(or maybe great minds think alike?)

Here's another blogger
who is doing Thankful Thursdays, too.
The more the merrier, I say!

I've been challenged with some whining and negativity
from the "Treasure" lately regarding dish duty...
this week has seen magnificent improvement
as I've mandated we start our clean-up chore
by listing 5 things we are each thankful for
and then singing praise songs as we finish up.

Practicing Gratitude is a Good Thing!

I plan to make Thankful Thursdays a year-long series...
just so's ya know.

Now, to the photo above.
We had enjoyed the luxury of a king-size bed
(given to us, "pre-owned" by a family member)
for over 10 years.
But, knowing we were planning to move into a 5th wheel
with barely enough room for a double size mattress,
we gave the king bed away
and put a full mattress on the floor of our room.

We've slept on that for about three months.
That's a challenge for a big-boy and his girl!!
We started out newly married in a full size but quickly up-scaled to queen,
then king because the Man is kind of a rowdy sleeper.
He kicks and elbows, if ya know what I mean!

Well, with our recent down-size,
he's behaved very well.
So well that he would barely move at night
and kept waking up stiff and sore
because he didn't move around enough,
and there wasn't enough padding between him and the floor.

(I know, I know. This from a man who loves to camp. Don't ask!)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago,
on my way home,
I saw we had some new neighbors moved into the 'hood,
and there was a mattress and box spring in their front yard
with a "free" sign on it.

Now, in my opinion, the only thing better than cheap-- is free!
I really thought it was another full size bed,
but I wanted to get the box springs to give the Man just a little more padding.
So, I asked him if he wanted to go pick up the set.
He said "sure" and away we went.

Turned out to be an almost brand-new queen set,
and boy are we happy "campers!"
We can both wiggle at night without bruising each other,
and there's even enough room for the Treasure to snuggle in once in a while.

God didn't have to provide this little luxury for us,
but I'm so thankful He did.

I'm adding this on...you might notice it in the above photo...
(don't you love my packing-box night stand?!)
Nonni-next-door does beautiful floral arrangements,
and she used this one to teach the Treasure
some basic principles...and the Treasure actually
did the flowers by herself.
Crafty baby!

It is also a music box with my favorite lullaby...
a gift from both Nonni and the Treasure
and I enjoy it every day.


  1. Love it. It is so good when the Lord provides. Sleep is a great thing too. Love the flower arrangement.

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  3. Missuz C,

    I hadn't visited your little part of the blogsphere these days (shame on me), so I thought I better visit you before you think I had forgotten about you (which obviously, I have not).

    As for your Little Treasure, I hope that she's doing less whinning these days in regards to dish duty. I'm glad that you have found a creative way for her to do dishes as well as be thankful at the same time. You are definately a treasure for your Treasure. :)

    Also, your "bed story" was quite interesting. What a nice blessing to get a queen mattress/bed for "free," and in good condition too. You sure can't beat that! I'm sure your dear husband is happy to have his "space" back again - no more stiff backs and legs for him. :)

    Anyway, take care dear lady, and I hope that you can visit my "castle" again soon when you have the time.


    -Lady Rose

  4. From my clan to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.