19 September 2010

A Princess Painting

I can't help myself...I love my daughter's art.

It reflects her personality so very well.
Happy colors. Lots of movement. Dramatic.

I'm so grateful to be able to educate at home.
I attended public school during my elementary years...
my day started in the early dark, pulling on cold clothes
and doing morning chores and eating a hurried but nutritious breakfast
in order to catch the bus upon which I rode for an hour before reaching school...
and an hour after school let out...
then it was time to do evening chores, eat supper, and do whatever
our family did in the bit of evening left.

The Treasure gets to sleep until she's ready to wake up (usually)
and then she gets to snuggle in a warm lap or bed for a bit,
and maybe gets read to, then she is up and at her morning chores,
part of which is doing some "listening" to CD's,
and during this time she usually pulls out her art materials
and creates something her momma thinks is magnificient...
I am sooo glad my girl has time to develop
creatively, physically, mentally, spiritually and socially
rather than wasting much of her day standing in lines
or waiting with raised hand to be called upon...
or told repeatedly to sit down and be quiet...
or gossiping foolishly with other little peers.

Wish I'd been home-educated!

Wait. I guess I AM being home educated...now!!!
I absolutely love learning alongside her.
But I digress.

Here is my favorite painting from the past week.
And I love that she spelled P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S
all by herself!

Hope it makes you smile today too!


  1. Love the painting of the Princess. She is artsy/craftsy like her momma. Yup, homeschooling is nice. I rode the bus to and remember the cold days waiting for it to arrive. Like your style better: warm lap, stories, breakfast, chores, and princess painting.

  2. What a beautiful painting! Your daughter is so talented! And what a blessing to be able to homeschool her. My little guy will be ready for kindergarten in a year, and we're not sure yet what we will do for school. We are looking at a few schools in our area, but I'm definitely open to the option of homeschooling. BTW--I'm really enjoying your blog!:0)

  3. L--makes me smile to think of you as a little farm girl waiting in the cold for the bus, too.
    Yup, the Treasure doesn't know how good she has it! But I'm ok with that! Hugs.

    Juliet--Welcome, and Thank you for your kind words. It IS a blessing to be able to educate at home. There are many good reasons to homeschool, (and I'm pretty opinionated about it!) but people have different values and make different choices and that's ok with me. I think asking God to show us what is His best for our children is a wise way to start making this kind of decision. Your son is beautiful--I'm enjoying your blog too! Blessings.