18 September 2010

Butterfly Bait

I'm a sucker for getting a great nature shot,
even if it requires standing beside a smelly compost pile
in 98 degree full sun for an hour
while being constantly buzzed by all sorts of six-legged creatures.

This little guy flirted with me mercy-less-ly for such a long time...
he would flick open his gorgeous wings and then slap them shut
before I could even depress the shutter button...
I'm just grateful I have a digital camera now
or I would be out several dollars in rolls of 35mm film!

This beauty was much more cooperative...

as was this one.....

and though these aren't really pretty...

...they ARE interesting!

Hope you have a restful and blessed weekend.


  1. You know, girlfriend, you are a pretty good photographer.

  2. Thank you, but I must blushingly admit...I use the point and shoot program and I think God just sends the right "moments" to let me know he loves me and wants to give me joy in His creation. I love being able to share!