07 September 2010

Our Next Home

Here's a quickie post---
just wanted to throw up a photo of our next home.

We are packing up (and moving) our 1200+ sq. ft. home,
and basement, detached garage, two outbuildings...
plus the contents The-Man has collected about our 3+ acres...
and this 5th wheel will be our next place of abode.

We bought it very inexpensively,
and it was very lived in before we acquired it.
There are a few things we will be doing to it
to utilize the tiny space more efficiently.

It measures 7 feet wide by 38 feet long
and includes two bedrooms, full bath with washer and dryer,
living area with slide out sofa, kitchen,
and a small room with a table and two chairs
which the previous owner called the "dining room"
but will not accomodate our family,
so it will become our office/homeschool resource center
and we will have a folding table that we bring out for mealtimes.

Truthfully, I'm having a hard time downsizing enough
so that all our possessions will fit in it.
So, though I'm getting rid of a lot,
the rest I'm packing and we are placing in a storage unit,
and we will finish sorting it out when we get relocated.
(They have donate-stores there too!)

We had hoped to be in a more permanent shelter before winter
in our new location on the farm,
but it is looking as if that will not be the reality,
so I am doing research on living through the winter in the 5th wheel.

 Now, THAT will give me much material for future posts I'm sure!
We have gleaned some good tips from the internet
and we have a couple of ideas of our own for coping,
so with a can-do pioneer spirit we will be learning a lot as we go.

If you have any winter-living-in-a-5th-wheel experience--
we are all ears so please share!


  1. I have nary a clue on winterizing and a 5th wheeler but I will be watching with bated breath to see how you do.

  2. I'll probably be having some bated breath myself on those icy winter mornings! I'm going to have to learn the "Sunflower Song" that Pa Ingalls would wake up singing with each blizzard during the Long Winter... :)