08 September 2010

Autumn Olives

I have an on-going love affair with the lowly Autumn Olive.
My passions rise twice a year.

First in the spring, when the trees are in bloom.....
they have the sweetest-spicy-est scent
that simply tantalizes my olfactory bulbs.

I wish I could capture their essence and wear it as perfume!

The flowers are small and barely mentionable,
until you get up close and personal.
Sensual in scent, they are.

The rest of the year the plant is very un-mentionable,
closely resembling the Russian Olive.
Most would call it a weed, a nuisance.

Not me!
I know what's coming:

These are the berries which fully ripen in October.
They bring my love to fruition.
They are sweet and tart and very delicious.
(If you can beat the birds to them!)

They make delicious jam. I use the same recipe I would
for elderberries, currants or other wild berries,
(although you may want to adjust the sweetner to your taste.)

I don't know if I will get to make jam from them this year,
but I wanted to introduce you to them so you can.
Go for a nature walk in your neighborhood
and see if you can befriend my friend,
Autumn Olive.

I'm happy to share.

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