02 September 2010

Celebrating 20 Years

Twenty years ago today.....
The-Man-of-the-Place and I were wed.

In the midst of a local park,
under a ginormous oak tree,
in front of God and everybody.

After the celebrating was over,
he and I set out in an old Model T
to begin the adventure of our lifetime.....
and what an interesting road trip it has been!
(Read: Up and Down, Up and Down.....  :)

A lot of couples dream and plan and save to take
a luxurious island cruise vacation
to celebrate such an occasion as this...
but us?
No, I guess we're too simple.
(Besides, I watched Titanic and The Perfect Storm--
I have absolutely NO desire to take a cruise!)

We ARE in the midst of starting a new adventure in our lives.
And we ARE going to take a little trip today.

We are going to drive "Old Blue" a little piece down the road
and spend about the same as some would on that luxurious escape...
but we are investing in a different kind of vacation,
something we consider a lasting luxury
because it will give us a new kind of freedom...

Here's a little You Tube video of someone else
who took the trip before we did...

Hope you enjoyed that video as much as we did.
Did you guess what our Anniversary Gift will be today?
(Hint: it's not the tractors, nor the cabin.....
although the cabin could certainly be on our wish list!)

Hope you have as blessed and celebrated a day as we will!

And to my Man--
Happy Anniversary!
You make ALL my dreams come true!
I <heart> U!


  1. Happy Anniversary. Every time I visited your site (daily) it only showed the TP entry for the last couple of weeks. Today's visit however, showed that you have been busy posting about your busy life. Gotta love cyberspace and computers--they letcha' know who's in charge.....kinda like cats! lol

  2. Thanks! We had a good day! I have to confess that I'm a sporadic blogger, especially when I'm in the middle of a big move! I have a dozen posts already in draft form, and when I think of another I want to do, I create a draft of it. When I get time, I download photos and do the writing, then I schedule the post for the day I want(ed) it to go out. I'm still "catching up" on my backlog...eventually hope to keep more current!