03 September 2010

Bringing Momma Home

First kiss.....in a long while!

My momma has been separated from my daddy
by circumstances for 5 years and 9 months,
but today we brought her "home."

"Home" being a care center located about 15 minutes drive from
where daddy lives, and "home" meaning it is the same
care facility that my momma worked in for
the best 10 years of her nursing career (according to her.)

We didn't arrive until after 10pm,
but I have to brag on the staff--they were incredibly kind.
The nurse who was expecting her was scheduled to leave
 in 10 minutes, but she stayed an extra hour and completed the paperwork.
The oncoming nurse, and one of the assistants had worked with momma
years ago, and momma remembered them.....
so, even though she's not really at home in her house,
it still feels like home.

When I called daddy to let him know we'd made it in ok,
the joy and excitement in his voice.....
just filled my heart.
Made all the planning and waiting and work worth it.
A long-time goal, finally accomplished.

It was late when we got to daddy's house and finally to sleep,
so we slept in quite a while next day.
Finally got ourselved around,
and daddy got all spiffied up,
and we took him in to see mom.

I wish you could have been a mouse in the corner...
yup, that was a satisfying moment!

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  1. What a beautiful story. I'm glad you did this for your folks.