29 August 2010

Princess Art

I snagged this book at a Home Educators Convention
about a year and a half ago,
and it has proved to be a great investment in the Treasure.
Her normal 6-year-old passion for everything Princess
has been a blessing in many ways
as it has opened the doors for many heartfelt
talks about purity, pridefulness, responsibility and service.

It has also been a catalyst for developing her artistic abilities.

At first I had to do most of the drawings myself
and "show" her how to draw, and then she would color the picture.

Then she started drawing most of the princess parts
and asked me to add the smaller complicated details.

Recently, she has just blossomed.
She now dives in and does it all herself.

(I think when she saw me buy 10 packages of bright markers
for 70 cents each at a recent discount store sale
and knew they were just for her to use up
over the next "academic year"
that it really boosted her confidence.
Or maybe she's just getting close to being 7....)

Love the brown skin and the strong-woman stance!

Whatever it is, I'm loving her work.

The attention to details keeps growing.

And of course.....They all live happily ever after.
Ahhh, to be 6-going-on-7 again!

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