19 November 2011

In Transition

Just an update to let ya'll know that we are in the midst
of major transition right now.....
and my computer is torn down and in storage at the moment...
which translates to little or no blogging for a bit.
We said good-bye to our Little Rock House this past Monday---
our closing went well and the new owners moved in that night.
We are grateful they love the Little House as much as we did.

We are spending a few precious days visiting and saying good-bye 
to family and friends.....pulling up the roots of our lives here.
We are planning our final trip to our new destination
for November 23rd.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
In spite of all the uncertainties in our world, 
we in America still have much to be thankful for!!!

Blessings.....we'll be back with you soon.

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