01 November 2011

Fort Sumthun

In my opinion, thinking about moving is far more fun than actually doing it.
That's because we have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!
Which problem I am working on...and on...and on.

Meantime, as I plod away at purging and packing, I frequently hear,
(in a whiny-Treasure's-voice)
"Mama, I'm bored. I need sumthun' to do."

In another of my (many!) opinions,
I think boredom can be a good thing.
It inspires creativity.

Give a bored Treasure a mountain of newly-taped packing boxes...
a few blankets or other warm woobies...
lots of empty floor space...
a wary kitty who can still be bribed with tiny treats...
and you come up with.......

  Fort Sumthun'.

(Several hours of creative play for the Treasure...
lots of attention for kitty...
and several hours of P&Q for the momma.)

Ain't it Sumthun' how often it is
the simple things that are most satisfying?

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