11 January 2011

A Well Ordered Life

 My new hobby for the New Year
is moving toward a well ordered life.

I have been giving the topic much thought, time and energy,
and I will be posting about my journey a lot in the days to come.

At present, I'm having trouble getting my thoughts into any kind of order
that is cohesive enough to make a post about,
because I'm feeling good again and running around trying to make up for lost time
in the packing and moving saga!

So for today, I want to share the following inspiration with you:

Vision for a Well-Managed Household

~The tone is distinctly Christian,
characterized by an atmosphere of peace and joy
~Time is used wisely, with an attitude of "I can" and "Do it Now"
~Nutritious and healthful meals are served regularly
and in a pleasant atmosphere
~The living areas are usually neat and orderly
~Housework is completed on a regular basis
~All family members work as a team to do the work that needs to be done
~Clothing is kept neat and clean
through regular laundering and menting and ironing
~Lifetime memories are being made
(and highlights kept in scrapbooks)
~The family lives within its means and financial records are kept up-to-date
~Hospitality is shown to others
~Outside activities do not interfere with family togetherness

--adapted from Looking Well to the Ways of Your Household:
Practical Help for the Domestically Challenged
by Mary Carney

I'd like to hear about this topic--and learn--
from other readers and bloggers as well,
so if you are stopping by,
won't you leave a  helpful comment?

What does your vision of a Well Ordered Life look like?


  1. Do you the like the book you are quoting from? My vision of a well ordered life would not include clutter physically, mentally, or emotionally. Something for me to work on!

  2. Yes, I do like the book I adapted the above vision statement from. I picked it up at a homeschool conference, I believe from Lifetime Books and Gifts, I think they have a website online. It was a simple spiral bound, photocopied book, written by another homeschooling mom who had also started out life on the career track as a nurse and found out when she "came home" that home was no longer a place of leisure, but a place of work. :D I've gleaned a lot from it, and it continues to make the cut when I weed out excess books. (Any woman who publicly dares to admit that she is "domestically challenged" will probably continue to reside on my shelf of favorites!)