25 January 2011


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Last night, Kitty---being a cat, don'tcha know---
was in no mood to come inside when called at a reasonable bedtime hour (8:30pm)
and so was left out to fend for her feline self for the night.
Guess she finally came to repentance at some ungodly hour early this am
so found the Treasure's windowsill and sat out there yowling
until she woke the Treasure,
who promptly got up and let Kitty in through her window.
Of course, the news of the prodigals safe return
was too wonderful to keep to herself
and so must be shared at once with her loving mother...
therefore I was awakened around 2:45 am by Kitty
jumping playfully into the middle of my peacefully slumbering form,
and the Treasure's vocal announcement of Kitty's return.

Fortunately there was no mention of killing the fatted calf
or I might have smacked whomever was closest.

The Treasure was cold, so I let her come snuggle with me for a few minutes...
until Mother Nature's call could be ignored no longer
and I had to get up for the pilgrimage to her throne of cool white porcelain...
at which time, thankfully, the Treasure decided to take herself back to bed.

After paying my respects at in the 'room of rest'
I crawled back into my snug warm den
 hoping for a few more winks, but, my brain was engaged by then...
I did manage to relax and drift off to a place of sweet comfort----
and then a thought hit my brain with such force that it jerked me upright in bed!!

Yesterday afternoon when I went out to work
(decluttering & packing) in the building,
it was fairly mild and sunny (upper 30's--heat wave, ya know!)
And so I went over and let the chickens out of their coop
and put them in their pen for some fresh air
and relief from being "cooped up"
with the intent of putting them back in the warm safety of their little house
in an hour or so when I finished my stint in the building.

Well, my brain got all bumfoozled while I was out there
and I completely forgot about those poor birds.....until 3:43 am!!
The Man had just gotten back to sleep, so I didn't want to wake him
just to ask if by chance he'd put the girls away last night.....
so I drug myself out of the warm cozy nest and stepped outside the back door
to see if the door to the hen house was.....
yup, it was still open.

Nothing to do but get dressed and go check on the dumb clucks.
By then I realized my alarm was set to go off in 10 minutes....
might as well give it up and get my day started.
Got dressed and went out there...I thought for sure the girls would be huddled
under the little shelter board, sound asleep.....but no,
as I walked over there they began talking to me softly.
They were standing patiently by the gate,
waiting for me to come and put them away for the night.....

Ever seen a frosted chicken by moonlight?

And so my day begins.
We are supposed to go on a wood cutting adventure today.
I now have my own chainsaw.
A Poulan.
A lifelong dream of mine.....
It was a freebie, not including the $35 cleaning + maintenance fee.
Wish me well.....and send up an extra prayer or two, ok?
From the way things have gone so far today, I think I'm gonna need it!

Have a good one yourself!

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