16 December 2010

~~Thankful Thursdays~~Dec 16

Today I'm abundantly grateful for natural remedies!

The Treasure is recovering nicely from a bout of 'Walking Pneumonia'
(which required a Dr. visit and antibiotics)
and the Man and I are recovering from similar symptoms
that attacked us both about two weeks ago.
We've been using:
  •  copious amounts of raw garlic (antiviral + antibacterial)
  • alternating hot (3 minutes) and cold (30 seconds) baths or showers (invigorates the immune system)
  • eucalyptus essential oil drops placed on cloth beside head when lying down (miraculous at calming cough, also is antiviral + antibacterial)
  • raw honey + fresh lemon juice (mix 1:1) with a few drops eucalyptus oil (cough sryup, 1 tsp. every 3 hours or as needed)
  • steam inhalations (calms cough, and changing the temp or humidity helps kill the 'bugs')
  • sipping citrus juices (increases vitamin C intake)
  • sipping mullein tea (amazing how it relaxes the bronchioles and clears them out!)
  • drinking lots of fluids (thins secretions, makes them easier to expel)
  • Vick's vapor rub--rubbed on soles of feet and then socks placed over (helps relieve congestion and cough)
  • prayer (we know who The Great Physician is!)
We were doing a decent job of holding the infection down,
but couldn't quite kick it,
and I could tell it was infiltrating my lungs.
After listening to my whining far too long, my good friend L
shared a personal-experience-story with me,
and I was sooo impressed I sent the Man to town
for some Echinacea + Goldenseal tincture.
After dosing ourselves with it every two hours
we both started feeling better--within a matter of hours.
I'd made a Dr. appointment, as in the past, when an infection goes to my lungs
I have never recovered from it without allopathic medicine's help.
The morning of the Dr. appt I woke up feeling so much better
I called and canceled the appointment.
So far, so good, though we are not 100% over it yet.
Still resting, doing natural remedies, praying.
Grateful, nonetheless!

Many thanks to our good friend, Mrs. S, and for L. for sharing their experience,
suggestions and advice!

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