19 December 2010

~~Honoring Old Quilts~~2

Here's another old quilt to cheer your day!

This one comes from the Man's side of the family~
unfortunately, I do not know any of the history behind it.
It came to us with a couple other tattered quilts
after the second of his two paternal aunts passed away.
Both aunts never married, but they were sweet, precious,
Godly women who knew how to make and keep a home
with very little income to work with.
They were always gracious and hospitable
and welcomed me into the family with wide open arms.

I can only wonder about the history behind this quilt...
from appearances, it was treasured to tatters!
It was so threadbare that I despaired of finding
any way to salvage it...
yet it was so beautiful I couldn't bear to throw it in the trash.
I really love this pattern that creates a red and white checkerboard,
and I love the simplicity of it, and the warm homey-ness.

So I looked very closely at the entire quilt,
and was able to find a few places that I thought would hold up to
a gentle washing...
and maybe create some new memories for a little girl
I particularly love.

Those few places were cut out...
the largest was hemmed and became a new quilt for the doll cradle,
a smaller area became a pillow for the same.
I thought I had some photos of them in the cradle,
but they are evading me at present.

So here is one more recently of the Treasure...

...with a doll and a quilt that she now treasures.


  1. What a lovely heritage to pass down to your daughter of her aunts.

  2. Missuz C,

    Your daughter, Treasure, looks so precious holding her baby doll with the "new" quilt. :)

    I like your quilt stories. I hope that you will have more in the future. :)

    -Lady Rose