03 November 2010

Where We Are

We are in the midst of finishing up a few projects around our home
so that we can get it on the market soon.

The-Man dove in and finished up this rock project up last week,
and I'm so proud of him that I wanted to share
his handiwork with you.

We live in an old house that has a beautiful rock exterior.
This is just inside the front door, an enclosed porch
and the window that was once here
was removed and we drywalled over the space
when we gutted and completely remodeled this home.

We usually keep a wood-burning stove in this space
and use a fan to blow the warm air into the rest of the house
which helps our heating bills.
(We really prefer wood heat anyway, and love watching the flames)

It has been our intent to rock this space
to make it more fireproof for a long time...

When in his late teens-early twenties,
the-Man watched--and occasionally assisted--his dad in
rocking a wall at their family home,
but other than that he has no experience in this kind of work.

He's been dreading this job for years...due to his "inexperience"
but it only took him a week to complete,
and I think it looks great!!
(Too bad we have to leave it now...
but it will bless someone else's life,
and we consider it a good learning experience.)


We have a couple more loads to move to the farm
before we actually put our home up for sale...
we hope to get those two trips made before Thanksgiving...
so we are going to be crazy busy
and traveling a lot during the next 3-4 weeks...

which means I will be very challenged to post on a regular basis....
so I am going to pull several posts from the past from our private blog
that I think may be of interest--
at least there will be different photos for you to look at
when you stop by--
and hopefully that will relieve my self-imposed feelings of pressure
to keep new material at the top of this page!

As I have time, I'll be posting short updates and such,
but I will schedule these others to sort of fill in
when we are away from civilization.

Hope your month is wonderful,
and that every day is Thanksgiving Day at your home!


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  1. Wow, The Man did a splendid job. Love the photo of Treasure and the pooch before the fire.