03 October 2010

Welcoming October

I think Autumn has become my favorite time of year.
Growing up on the prairies Spring was my favorite...
after a looong fall and winter,
the green of new life was more than welcome!

But having spent the past 25 years in a locale
noted for its decidious forests,
Autumn is just the best!
I'm going to miss it.

But I'm grateful for each day I still have left here,
and I am savouring each moment.

I love the spicy scent of the woods in autumn.
And the colors of the changing leaves...
wild purple asters, migrating monarchs...
the scent of wood smoke lingering on the air...
the chill of approaching winter...
the honking of geese flying overhead in V-formation...
enjoying the heat from a wood stove...
you get the idea!

I love to decorate our nature table with our autumn finds,
and this little votive we made is like a miniature indoor "camp fire"
and another way we welcome the changing seasons.

It is a simple craft I found online, though I don't remember the website.
We started with an inexpensive, smooth surfaced glass votive.
We went out and gathered some interesting leaves from the garden and yard
and pressed them for about a week in the absorbent pages of the phone book.
When they were dry but still flexible,
we coated the votive with decopauge glue
and placed each leaf where we wanted it.
We then top-coated the leaves with more decopauge and let it dry.
We tore up some white tissue paper into aproximately 1-inch pieces,
then coated the leaf-decorated votive with decopauge glue
and placed the tissue pieces all over it,
overlapping each piece a bit.
When the entire votive was covered with tissue scraps
we went back over it all with another layer of decopauge,
then let it dry thoroughly.

Place a tea light inside,
and welcome October with the warmth of a flame.



  1. What a great idea. You could give Martha Stewart a run for her money! Those would make great gifts.

  2. These are great for gifts, we actually made them as the take-home craft for the Treasures birthday party a couple of years ago...they were a big hit, and we are still enjoying ours!