20 October 2010

Water Quenches Fire

Note the white blistered area...and disregard the blackened areas!
(They are just grime that has attached to the remaining bandaid adhesive
that I hadn't cleaned off yet!)

A couple days ago the Treasure was running around
barefoot outside as she usually does
when she spied a cast iron pan lying on the ground beside the compost pile...
and being a kinesthetic-learning-style-kid
(or, more likely, just being a typical kid who acts before thinking)
she put her foot on it "just because."

What she didn't know or anticipate
was that the-Man had recently had it in the fire to season it
and had just removed it to let it cool
and then gone on about his other business.

I was working indoors when she came in
and very nonchalantly said,
"Momma, I stepped on something hot and burned my foot."
There were no tears, no drama.
(Maybe that should have been my first clue!)
I asked what happened and got a rather vague response...
so I told her to go wash her foot and soak it in some cold water for a while.

She washed her foot in the tub and
a few minutes later I heard her go back outside...
I thought very little of it...
but then about three minutes after that she came back inside crying
and telling me how much her foot hurt.
I took a good look at it, 
saw that it was a second degree burn with blisters still intact,
 and told her to go put it back in the cold water,
which she did with much crying and drama.

While she was soaking it in the tub of cold water
(which was very dirty from the previous foot washing)
I ran a 5 gallon bucket of cold water
and put it beside her chair at the kitchen table
and quickly found a crafty activity for her to do...
I had her come in to the kitchen and sit with her foot in the bucket
for an hour...with much wailing and gnashing of teeth on her part...
but with my promise that at the end of the hour she would feel much better.

About 20-30 minutes into the hour,
the tears dried up and she was enjoying her crafting
(it helped that a friend came to visit in the meantime!)
and by the time the hour was up
she was pain-free and ready to go outside again and play.

I put some burn cream on the blisters just for good measure
and covered it with a heavy-duty and very large and sticky bandaid,
promised her "consequences" if she didn't
wear some sort of shoes for the rest of the day
and sent her off to play.
No complaints.

Next day she was running around everywhere barefoot
(big, sticky bandaid still in place)
and still no complaints.....


I share this because, once again, I am awed
at the healing power of simple pure water!

Soaking a second-degree burn in cold water for 1-2 hours,
(do NOT use ice!)
until the aching, burning pain has completely gone away,
is the most effective remedy, natural or otherwise, I've found.
I've had an occasional accidental burn myself,
and I consistently have success with the cold water treatment,
whereas the ones I've chosen a different treatment method
remain painful for quite some time.


Now, I believe preventing burns is quite prudent...
and some may criticize my "mothering abilities"
because I allow my child to run around outside our home with bare feet...
but I'm comfortable with my choices.
If we try to prevent every bad thing from happening
I believe we can create very neurotic children who are afraid of everything...
and where's the fun in living that way?

I was a country kid who detested wearing shoes
and kicked them off at every opportunity...
but I soon learned that I needed them in certain places
to prevent pokes from stickers and such...
and I'm whole-heartedly grateful that my parents
let me spend so much time with my bare feet firmly connected to the bare earth...
it is an amazing, wonderful part of childhood,
and truly, I pity children whose feet fester in hot sweaty shoes year-round,
who never know what a stubbed toe is, or a splinter...
yet they never get to experience the texture of sand between their toes,
or the tickle of grass on their soles,
or the exhiliration of simply squishing in a huge mud hole...

I believe much is to be learned through the senses of our feet...
and one very important lesson my daughter has learned
is a very effective way to treat second-degree burns
to herself or others when she encounters this kind of situation again.


As an after~thought I'd like to recommend
three resources for further education and enjoyment:

by John W. Keim $11.95+sh

Burn Aid by John W. Keim
(Written for the Amish by the Amish)
I purchased this book for $4.95 at an Amish seed store...
You can get more information on acquiring this book from:

The School of Self-Applied Prevention
PO Box 269
Middleburg, OH 43319

The New Concept in Treating Burns
$2.00 from
 Plain Interests Research
420 Weaver Road
Millersburg, PA 17061
(I purchased this from an Amish community as well...)

Happy Reading!


  1. We have soaked plenty "a foot" and other appendages in cold water too. First aid creams and bandaids work wonders too. Children need barefoot summers in my book. I like walking through sand and grass barefoot too. It feel nice.

  2. Missuz C,

    First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving a kind comment. It's always nice to "meet" new friends. :)

    Secondly, I am glad that your daughter's foot is feeling better from her nasty burn. I am sure the next time she is taking a walk barefoot in the grass and sees an "empty pan," she might think twice before she puts her foot in it. :)

    At any rate, you have a lovely blog here. I have decided to follow your blog. You are welcomed to follow mine if you desire.

    I hope to see you back at my "castle" in the near future. :)


    -Lady Rose

  3. L-Somehow I never learned the cold water soak method as a kid, but rather later in life as a nurse. I love how well it works, and the price is right!

    Lady Rose--A Warm Welcome! I loved visiting your castle, it is just lovely, and I have added it to my favorites that I visit regularly. I love all the beauty, and the inspiring quotes you share! My email is too crowded, so at present I just jump onto my favorite blog sites--and I usually spend a few minutes browsing around. So that makes me a follower, even though I haven't officially signed up!

    I'm happy to report that the Treasure's foot is healing nicely. The blister is still intact, so no problems with infection, and she has not complained of pain either--praise God!! I agree, I think she will be a wiser child now, and hopefully refrain from touching things with her feet without more careful thought. I hope. :D
    Blessings to you my new friend.