16 October 2010

A Modern Version of the Good Samaritan

It came to pass that a certain Freshman went down from his country home to college and fell among Sophomores who robbed him of his faith in God and man, stripped him of his peace of mind, and, wounding his spirit, departed, leaving him half dead.
And by chance there came by the campus bench where he was sitting, lonely and discouraged, some sophisticated Seniors; and when they saw him, they passed by on the other side with some catty remarks, which he overheard, about his being “an ancient number.” One said, “Yes, he got his suit out of Noah’s ark.”
            And, likewise, some Juniors, passing by the same place, came over to look down upon him, but turned away also and passed by on the other side with some flippant comments about his being “too old fashioned for our fraternity anyway.” One remarked that “the Sophomores are doing a good job on that Freshman!”
            But a certain Special Student, who was taking some short refresher courses before journeying on to the mission field, came by where he was; and when he saw him, he had compassion on him and took him to his own room and bound up his wounded spirit, pouring in the oil of comfort and the wind of kindness and sympathetic understanding, and brought him to his own circle of friends, introducing him to them, and took care of him, restoring his faith in man and God and also in himself.
            And at the end of the semester, when the Special Student departed on his way to the mission field, he first went to the Dean of the College and to the Business Manager and took out some greenbacks and said, “apply this on the account of the student that was robbed. Take special care of him; give him extra work so he can work his way through college; and whatsoever he owes more at the end of his training, I will be responsible for.”
            That Freshman was established in the eyes of the school authorities and made good. He was saved for time and eternity.”
            Which now of these, thinkest thou, was neighbor unto the Freshman who fell among thieves?

--Author Unknown

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