10 August 2010

From Simple to Satisfying

 Several years ago The Man and I became dis-satisfied with our way of life, having quickly gotten ourselves into the typical debt-ridden urban rat race. We were both working our posteriors off trying to keep ahead of the incoming bills, paying for a home and "stuff" that we spent very little time enjoying because we were too busy being wage-slaves in order to pay for it. We started talking about what our real values were, and decided to make some changes.

I did a lot of reading about "simplifying your life" and "voluntary simplicity." We tossed a lot of ideas around, and started making some small but doable changes. It still wasn't "enough" to satisfy us.....we still weren't living according to our deepest values, although I should confide here that this process was helping us clarify what our values really were/are.....and it is a process that continues.....In order to keep what could be a very long post short, let me just say that we have finally come to a point in our lives that we were/are willing to make drastic changes in order to pursue the way of life we value most.

And so we are.

Currently, we are in the process of downsizing.....selling our home, moving to another state to live in the country. We will be living in a 38' fifth-wheel trailer for an undetermined amount of time, until we decide where we are to live next.

Even though we have made many changes, and many of them have indeed "simplified" our lives, I have found that life still isn't simple, nor is it likely to be as I look at the many tasks that lie ahead of me that must be accomplished in order to live according to the values I hold dearest.


It's ok.

Even though my life isn't simple, it is certainly much more satisfying than it has ever been.

So I've decided to adjust my expectations. I accept that life is not simple. I'm over-joyed to find it satisfying.

In this blog we will be sharing the unfolding pages of our journey and the things we will continue to learn along the way. We believe there are some very interesting times ahead for our country and world, and we hope that at least some of the things we share here will be a blessing to you in the future.

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