19 August 2010

The Beverly Hillbillies Move

Just for smiles, I had to share these photos.
What you see here is what I call
"the poor white trash pile".....going down the road!

The back edges (and more) of our current premises
have been decorated with this assortment of junk for years...
I used to have hope that we would eventually get it all cleaned up,
as I prefer the neat & tidy look...

I'm quickly losing hope now,
as most of it appears to be moving with us.

My only consolation is that The-Man-of-the-Place
actually does use this stuff to create some really functional items
that add to our family's quality of life,
like the canning kitchen mentioned in a previous post.

And he really spends very little on his creations,
as most of this stuff is hauled off for free.

And, did I mention....it makes him happy?

It took three days to get these loads to their destination.
The trailer in the top photo was severely overloaded,
and caused three different wheel issues...
in his words, "it was so overloaded that the weight
wallered out the lug nuts to where it split the rims
and let the wheel come off..."

The first time, the wheel came off the right side,
 passed him on the left going down the road,
crossed the yellow line and went off in the ditch on the left hand side...
about a quarter mile down the road it finally fell over...
fortunately, no one was injured.

Did I mention how glad I was that the Treasure and I were not along on that trip?
The-Man's father was pulling the second trailer with his truck,
and between the two of them they finally
were able to get both loads to their destination...

of course, had I been on the trip,
I'd have had to ride atop the load in a bentwood rocker
just like Granny...
and I do believe I would have been
flapping my gums about as loudly!

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